Monday, July 1, 2013


Today I am grateful for that fabulous feeling of not being sick.  You don't realize how great feeling "okay" is until right after you've really been sick for a few days.  I had a cold that turned south last week, leaving me with cold sweats, memory loss, dizziness, aches, you name it.  After antibiotics and sleeping all weekend I'm feeling not even 100%, but it still feels like a million bucks!

We don't excell without challenge, without some pain and suffering.  Only through a little bit of discomfort can we grow.  We don't recognize good, untill it is either really bad, or we have been through some pain to get there.

Is life butterflies and rainbows? Sometimes, then again, without some storms, we don't get rainbows. So, let's toast to the storms and the following rainbows. :-)

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