Monday, October 25, 2010

Something to be political about

In general I haven't found myself to be a political person. I'm interested in people on a one on one level, psychology of the mind and the connection we find in each of our personal relationships and encounters. On the other hand, I have found lately, that after much debate, worry, self-hate, doubt and years of loneliness, I'm getting to where I can talk about one thing that I feel so passionately about, that I'm willing to take a political stance over.

Gender--or possibly the lack thereof.

I hated myself so many years over my inability to confirm with societal expectations of how I was supposed to express myself as a female. I found comfort and resolution through the Goddess community and the Goddess of Wicca. I had other options of how to express myself.

Last year, I took it further by studying Hod of the Qabala for several months in preparation for getting reading for a major ritual. I kept going back to the cloying and undeniable magickal image that corresponds with Hod: The Hermaphrodite. The Hermaphrodite seems strange, and in congruent with other symbols or even the qabalistic system itself, and yet, I liked it! Not androgynous or without gender, but possessing the sexual powers and attributes and synthesized into one being! No wonder occultists of the 30's, even the 60's aren't talking about it. There is a major lesson in the discomfort and power of that symbol.

I'm sure I'll have lots more to say, but for now, I leave you with a couple of other bits of musing to ponder:

1. Kate Bornstein's latest blog post, as encouraged by Dan Savage's response to the suicides in the LGBT community:

2. A bit of journaling I found inside my copy of Kate's book Gender Outlaw, nestled next to some outrageous Revlon lipstick ads on the back of a boarding pass from March 2007:

Are women in porn the aggressors?
If I am third, can I have heterosexual sex?
Does that mean I can only have gay sex?
Do my attitudes toward sex and gender force men to treat me as an equal, not lesser, but HUMAN?

They are uncomfortable.

Where is the blending of polarity. How does magick change if everything is shades of gray? How does my God and Goddess look when they become queer? Become third. ..
I will never be comfortable with being a woman because I do not want to be owned within that group as my identity.

I am queer.

I am learning to trust myself and not be owned by fear.

3. I also recommend highly Ursula LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness.

Self identity is magickally unique. The boredom, the lack of choices, the lack of language and experience we have as young adults is fleeting. I promise. It will get better.

We need your truth.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel on Time Magazine

Michael Smith, one of the Elders of my tradition was interviewed by Time Magazine. Its a great article.,8599,2023973,00.html.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Isis Unveiled, and Ea, Binah, Ge.
Lady Marah of the Silent Temple
Facing toward the black mirror's depths
From which arises mists of time.
An lead bell unstruck

The bell that never tolls nor dispells.
Your bitter sea, cold upon my cheek,
I taste your depths, silent--eternal
Your eyes see all and speak nill.

Lady Morgan of the marsh
lone is your journey.
but beneath the curtains of briney cloth
Your secrets Mermen watch.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Opener of Gateways

I just came back from my Tradition, the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel's, annual retreat. We really rocked this weekend and I am recharged and rededicated. Lots of community bonding was done. The pathway to the future is a bit more solidified and its good to be able to get glimpses of the next few generations of work.

In other news I have been dreaming of bears. A couple nights ago I was shapeshifting into a brown bear. Last night I was helping a momma black bear and her cubs. I also made the cubs porridge which I assume is a dream-joke. Haha, very funny. Tonight I think I will speak to Bear and see what wisdom might be waiting for me.