Monday, August 16, 2010

First Harvest

As many of you know, now is the time where I start accounting for my year: looking at what I harvested, and making sure the rest of my harvest is well underway. Now is the time of the first harvest, where we can look at what is ripening and decide if it was enough. I started looking at what I'd accomplished this year so far (or from the last Samhain, which I would have considered the end of my last year. I've been so in the thick of immediate stressors that I hadn't noticed the fruit about to fall off the vine. In every avenue of my life I've gained great things this year.

Last night I dreamt that I was taking magickal inventory; cataloging, double-checking, and searching for this or that. I've been doing a lot of that at work, but it is time for me to do the same thing at home, internally. In fact, Gwaeron gave me the first reading he's every given me Saturday night. I found myself looking at the upcoming months with a bit more clarity and from a different perspective. I had visions during the middle of it from what was to come and what was really going on. The kind of rapport is always helpful magickally.

And yet, all signs point to down. The cards, my visions, my sight during my coven's ritual on Sunday, all tell me I have to return to the underworld for another descent. It is immanent, so I am getting my head around that as well. After the descent, rebirth, and a new life awaits me. It will never be the same.

There is only onward. I look toward the future and see Ansuz. Lots of them. Within that descent is a forest, a dense, vast thicket of a call to Divine speech, right language, and the Mystic connect to Divine Will. I will make my accounting, and choose my words wisely. There is much to be gained, and it is so easily lost.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Work and Duty

I have been quite happy to have spent the last 8 days doing mundane work. A new commute, a new job, fixing up my house for sale... I found that, unexpectedly I didn't miss that I wasn't doing ritual, pushing myself magickally, or plumbing the depths of my psyche. In fact, a lot of the spiritual discontent I have grown accustomed to, just wasn't there. I was happily doing normal, mundane things.

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to attend a Hecate attunement offered by Jason Miller at the local Pagan shop, Mystic Spirit. As I went through the grounding, centering, and connecting exercises in the ritual, I felt layers of my energetic bodies unfurling like fiery wings. The floor pulsed beneath me and like a hook into the back of the head of a fish, the descent took hold.

No, I do not sleep. Middle work is valid too. I am very awake, and satisfied in my Malkuthian journey for now. The gears of the wheel turns, ever spinning, ever faster. The march of the current carries me down the path of this year. As the harvests have begun, I feel that I too have crested a great summit. May the momentum of the year carry me into the rest of completion and to a joyous Yuletide in its due time. Blessed be.