Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season

Ho ho ho everyone!  Its that time of the year and people are traveling, eating too much, and shopping!

Oh goody...

Bah humbug!  I'm a Capricorn.  I have license to say that!

I too am to busy as I wrap up my old job, pack (again) and move across country to Florida.  I just hope that the roads don't freeze over and we don't have any snow in the next 2 days before I get outta here!  I'm trying to get ready for my new job, a new Pagan teaching schedule, and getting my household in order again.  My financial and legal matters are wrapping up and I am finally free from the house in MD I've been trying to sell since 2008.  All Hail the Gods!

Yes, I'm doing too much too.  Totally hypocritical, I get it.

I was reading this article about how to bring mindful presence to the season and I felt that I also needed to repost my favorite Yule article that I wrote several years ago about Yule vs. the Holiday Season.

Make sure you look at what's important, what you are recognizing as being grateful for, and how you seek the spirit of generosity.  It probably has very little to do with money. For my whole family, its about being together this year.  We are all psyched to be together with new jobs and lots of sunshine to share with each other. 

I'm grateful for the amazing friends I've had supporting me in the past 6 or so months and the abundance of the universe, pouring out for me. 

What are you going to express gratitude for this year?


Friday, November 15, 2013

Stay with the Light

At Mabon, Hades told me to not go into the underworld this year, to stay with the light--to remember what brings me true joy.

I thought this was a great idea as it allowed me to have a light winter with enjoyment, connection, friends, and relaxation.  I could just practice radical self-care all winter and hopefully not experience much strife. 

That's not what the God meant.

It was a great thing to tell myself as I planned out my immediate future, but that was not the message.

The message was that I was about to move to the Sunshine State before winter hit and I literally wouldn't deal with the dark cold days of northern New Jersey this winter.  I would literally be staying in the light.  Since Florida is closer to the equator, the disparity between the length of days between the solstices is not nearly as dramatic as more northern latitudes. 

I can hardly wait the joy I will find in my new life and my new home in Florida.  It's been 14 years since I've lived there. 

Just as an aside, this is why its so important to write down ritual experiences and write down messages you receive from dreams, omens, and the Gods.  The message may not have meaning to you for weeks, months or even years!  For example, the vision I had in my first degree initiation in 2005 didn't make sense until 2010!

I set an intention last night to let my heart rest and to be gentle to myself, to continue the process of surrender to my Goddess and to open the doors within and without.

What is your intention?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Lesson of the 3 of swords

What is the lesson of the 3 of Swords?  It is my card, my mantra, my hope today.  Can we sink into this card, and not avoid looking at it?  Not avoid feeling?  Not talk about what it isn't or what it will be later from now?

What is the three of swords right-now?

I feel like the rainy November morning, stormy through the night is washing my heart clean.  I feel like the sky is giving me forever hugs. 

While my heart is pierced, broked, and healing, it is also open, ready for change.