Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wandering through Dream’s Gardens

Through the sonic waterfall, over rainbows, and under the arch of darkness I pass

To a land of treasures, magick, and danger.
Many a slipper wears thin upon my dancing feet,
In this land with dew drops like diamonds
and pearls that ping like bells as they scatter and strike against the cool stone floor.

I stir upon dawn’s horse, wearing gold and pink opals
Dazzling like the painted sky, the mockingbird’s dressing gown.
With sleep in my eyes and star dust in my soul,
Still sleeping upon waking,
Of Memory’s past, present, and future dreams.

Upon this dark, lonely sea, live spangled stars and bitter tears.
Now and then my hand brushes like undine’s well thrown wishes,
With another’s hand for a moment,
Scented of deep musk and heady myrrh;
The sword’s edge of impatient longing, wait,
Until a bloody cry heralds Time briefly, then burns into nothing.