Thursday, July 25, 2013

Circle of Thanks

So the internal alchemy continues, with gratitude. 

I start my day, in the East
Giving thanks to the rising Sun.
and the Promise of Day

In the South I Hail unto triumphing Beauty
The Sun in its height of power in the mid heaven,
bestowing energy upon my toils.

At the closing of the day, the setting sun sinks to the western twilight, blazing
and I, cloistered to my home, sink back into the arms of Dream.
with Gratitude and Thanks

At the abodes of evening, and the moon boat glides silently across its starry sea
and Kephera silently leads me return to the midnight north, in the cycles of my forefathers,
and that of my descendants, yet to be dreamed in earthly form.

Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.  
 Blessed be. 
So in those weird moments where I succumb to the greater over-culture, I do things like buy lipstick.  I hate wearing lipstick.  I can't ever seem to get it even, then it smears everywhere, and it tastes bad.  Its not my thing.  So I wind up accumulating all this lipstick that over the years I hardly ever use.  But, I've found a solution!  Lipstick are just mirror crayons for writing affirmations, bind runs, and drawing doodles that make me smile and remember to set my mind purposefully throughout my day.  The side benefit is I'm now using the lipstick for a purpose, instead of it sitting there, being wasted. 

My house is starting to have the feel and character I want it too.  (It only took 7 months after moving in!)  So the picture above is my dresser and personal altar, with lovely black gladiolus that didn't make it through the thunderstorms we've had this week.  They seem like such a luxury item, very chick.  I think I'm going to order another 50 bulbs for next year. 

* Poem inspired by Aleister Crowley's Liber Resh vel Helios

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