Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happiness and Purpose -Your Personal Sun

So much of magickal work is about doing the work that you were put in this time and place to do.  Having a sense of purpose, your core, the Sun of yourself, helps you not only know where you belong and what you stand for, but in fact it will make you happier and healthier.
This article is actually about how happiness for a cause greater than you is so beneficial,

Eudaimonic well-being is a kind of happiness that comes not from consuming something but from a sustained effort at working toward something bigger than you. In other words, it's working toward a sense of meaning in your life or contributing to some kind of cause. Think of the happiness you see on the Dalai Lama or Mother Teresa's face.

The funny thing about magickal work sometimes, is that conscious, purposeful personal evolution requires us to be willing to turn away from that which makes us most happy in the moment.  This year, I am in the process of rediscovering and redefining internal dialog, perspective on Truth, how I move in the world, and my connection to greater purpose.  It's really not surprising that this would be a part of my work during Pluto transit my Natal Mercury last year and this year. This year I pulled away from security of the group I'd been a member of since I was 19.  It required me to take a step back and look at my assumptions about people and my place.

This doesn't mean that the year has been fallow, however.  In fact, I've made had some auspicious mile-markers of progress.  The one that is the most thrilling for me right now, is Portal Magazine of the Magicka School, feature an article I wrote, "Know Thyself, A Time Honored Tradition".  As a second perk, I've got my mug on the cover too!  I was joking with my Mom that I'm a cover girl now.  But seriously, it was great to have Portal reach out to me to write and recognize the dedication I've been putting into my writing.  You can purchase a print copy of the magazine here.  

The Marcus Katz of the  Magicka School also featured an incredible review of my book, Ecstasy in Shadows in the Magicka School's newsletter, the Noviciate.  You can subscribe to their newsletter here with a free basic membership.  Here's the review:
"The Moon never loses her memory," writes Maggi Setti in her personal journal-book, Ecstasy in Shadow (2010). A candid account of an initiatory phase of her life, the book charts the progress of a 'Pluto conjunction', a powerful astrological event in one's chart.
In weaving together personal memories of the time, poetry, and providing a kabbalistic end-piece considering the event as a passage of the 27th Path, Maggi shows us how we can create meaning in turbulent times, and discover myth in everyday or extraordinary life.
This is an unusually open and frank journal of a woman's life, love and rituals, and is a model of excellent magical journalling. Whether observing the weather, recounting a ritual, creating poetry, or musing on the Tarot, Maggi provides a tapestry of magical life.
Her teacher at one point tells her that "the good news is that you're going to survive", and in this we understand the plight of Persephone in the Underworld. Can we believe the struggle is worth the light? In Ecstasy in Shadow, it would appear so.
"The good thing about consciously trying to change and not giving up is that you will change."
 Finally, in news that's been crossing my little Raven's writing desk, here is a link to a podcast from Lighthaven, a great school in NC.  The podcast features teachers and friends; T. Thorn Coyle, Ivo Dominguez Jr., Michael Smith, Aeptha, and Katrina Messenger.  These podcasts feature a lot of great information about the metaphysical and occult subjects related with the Sun.  Want to know the magickal significance of Litha beyond the somewhat removed agricultural folk practices?  Here ya go!  We are One with the Sun Podcast.  I hope you find it en-lighten-ing.

Happy Lammas!  May your chosen sacrifices bring life to that under your wing.    Blessings.

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