Friday, March 27, 2009


I led another roundtable discussion on Chicken Qabala last night. This was the first roundtable that my partner (who is my senior in both age and pagan experience) hadn't joined with me. It seemed too quiet at first, but I went right into my material and we had some great discussion. Some people there were excited to see how their understanding of Tarot, magickal correspondences, the nature of god and the universe, and even paganism's relationship to Christian/Judeo religious thought changed from this little book! Some ideas were challenged and changed, disagreed with and left to germinate for later use.
I am so excited to see people grasp onto new concepts and fly with them. It is so exciting!! I love this!

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  1. Maggi,

    You did a great job leading the group! I know it can be intimidating when nobody seems to be talking, but it's really the mark of a good teacher to be willing to wait through the silences for the members of the group to decide to speak. Thanks for giving us room to spread our brains out!! Can't wait for the next class!!!