Monday, July 9, 2012

Love, love and love some more

In the current affairs, we find ourselves in a battle of ideologies.  The open intolerance of people is polarizing every aspect of their lives.  Those of us that think about our choices and allow ourselves the reasons for our actions are caught in the rift between the power struggle. 

Most of my lessons in the past couple of years have been about love.  Could it be that all lessons are about love?  My heart beats to the tune of acceptance, tolerance, respect, and love.

 When I was a child, I tried to live as Jesus would have wanted people to; acceptance, tolerance, and love.  It felt right.  In the end, it was the backstabbing, hypocrisy, politicking, and pettiness that that led me from the church and toward a direction connection with God.  I found love, God's love.  I found equality and acceptance for myself.  I found steadfast constancy.  I found that my gender, my sexuality, the  truth of my being was a beautiful strong light that people see and look up to.  That light shines no matter what. 
It is through letting our love show, and living our love that others can afford the freedom to also pursue love.  Love is never ending, it will never run out.  It is the only thing that can fight the fear and insanity of the rest of the world. 

I reach toward love and Unity.  I reach toward the light of my God Soul and the light of God beyond that.  Above me is Beauty, Wisdom, and Understanding.  And today, my soundtrack will be the heartbeat drum, beating for love.

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