Thursday, November 25, 2010

Excited about the Winter?

I was sardonically thinking earlier today as I contemplated a blog entry that I during the darker months I should change the name of my blog from "Letting go is Flying" to "Slogging through SADD". Fortunately, even when I'm in the dumps, I'm really not THAT negative, so I won't indulge in that idea.

Last night Craig and I had a conversation about the research he'd been doing at the medical library of the hospital where he works. He wants us to invest in several things to make our tiny urban apartment more of a sanctuary for me. This includes a white sound machine that has birdsong and rain sounds, switching out our lightbulbs for full-spectrum bulbs, and lots of plants. Everyone that knows me, is aware of my huge penchant for plants of all sorts. I have not had the spare income in the past few years to really devote the resources into indoor gardening though. Now, its become a priority and I have to say, I am tickled pink! I'm looking into hanging plants, forcing bulbs, and creating an indoor green sanctuary this winter.

We'll see where it goes, but I'm looking forward to not having everything bear after I take down my holiday decorating.



  1. As long as you're experimenting, you may want to invest in taking 2000 I.U. (yes thousand, not hundred) of Vitamin D per day and seeing what happens. Getting your Vitamin D levels checked by a physician during the worst of the season wouldn't be unwarranted, either.

    This isn't folksy advice, it really does work wonders for people who run low due to lack of UV exposure during the cold months. And if it doesn't work, you'll only be out a bottle of vitamins or so.

  2. I already take 1500 IU of Vitamin D. :-)