Tuesday, November 16, 2010

collecting lessons

So, now that over a week has gone by since the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel's annual Hecate Festival, I am looking back at the experience to see what has come of it for me. Let me give you a bit of back story on this year's ritual. This was the 10th time I've attended the ritual and the first time that I had the role as one of the priestesses aspecting Hecate. I was Hecate in her Mother aspect.

I think the main thing I am coming away with is that we all seem to hide in our personal universes in an effort to not let anyone hurt us. We turn away, shield, make facades and masks. We are circuitous, subversive, and we lie to ourselves and to others, hoping that naked truth of ourselves won't be discovered.

And yet, we are walking about naked as can be, as ourselves and just like each other. We are always together and always connected, no matter how often we deny this or turn away. Over and over again, I find that each time I stick my neck out, share personal things about myself or share a tear, a hug, a true feeling with someone, I not only find greater connection with people, but I also find a blossoming within myself.

Are you a tight bud, fighting against the frost, or do you wish to be a fully blooming lotus, floating in the life stream? There are no secrets, no shame. Step outside of the fear and connect, affect one another and tap in.

Everyone is seeking acceptance. Make it your part to contribute to that acceptance; of yourself, of each other. Look at people in the eye, not the surface, but the depth of their soul. Find yourself within. Put down the armor. The battle is an illusion.

Spread your wings. The sun, the wind, and Love is waiting.


  1. Good post. I don't agree fully, yet do resonate with much of your discussion and its underlying themes. Shame and guilt, while at times appropriate, are emotions of our own generation based on accepted norms, and thus we can choose to take on those burdens or not. Secrets do exist in paradoxical co-existence with the inter-connectedness of all things. Like most aspects of the creation, they can be quite functional, or very dysfunctional. What I really liked in this blog post was the appeal to be honest and authentic with oneself above all, and in so doing be whole and powerful. Choosing to share this personal truth with others, as appropriate with those deserving of trust, is also empowering through relationship building in ever widening circles of influence and resource. Thanks for the reflections, they are provoking.

  2. can't I just be the stream? Do I have to be the flower? LOL

    We all do hide and create masks. Sometimes those masks reveal a deeper truth than what it is hiding.


  3. One of the Warriors greatest weapons is knowing when to keep silent.

    At times, there are things that are part of one's own personal journey that aren't meant to be shared.

    If shielding, guarding and avoiding revealing one's true self seems necessary, it may signal a breach of trust that is only being perceived on a more intuitive level of consciousness. In this case, erring on the side of caution is always in one's best interest.

    That said, humbling one's self, sharing one's pain and moments of weakness, while exquisively transformative, should be shared with those that we trust can provide us with a soft place to land at those times when the ride gets bumpy!