Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The light seems so much brighter now that the cold darkness has passed. The maiden moon cupped the sky like a chalice the other night. It didn't seem to be setting by was held in the clouds gently. The darkness seems rich now.
We saw a tornado Sunday night. Absolutely amazing, scary, and dream-like all at the same time.
Q. mentioned he wouldn't mind living on the eastern shore some day. It would be nice to go home sometime in the future.
I took a mental health day yesterday and got caught up on my sleep. It was much needed. I did some homework on Qabala and runes and got the house straightened a bit.Then I got dressed and made up for my interview in Long Island.
The drive was nice and I listened to Thorn's newest CD Songs for the Waning Year as I went. I wasn't nervous I was ready; I felt strong, I felt powerful, the fehu in my aura glowed.The interview was not the trial I was expecting. It was easy, gentle and became more and more enticing as we went through it. I expect an offer after passover with a 17% raise included. Schweet! More opportunties, more freedom, better pay, better benefits, flex time with a better schedule (I'll get off of work at 3:30), an assistant and best of all, my own office with windows, a door and everything. The job will be both rewarding and challenging in a way that suits me. I'm looking forward to it. Go magick. Q and I have been working on this stuff since January. It's exciting to see big results so quickly.

After my interview I didn't make a turn I needed to and got lost in Queens. I passed a highwway that looked like a good bet, called Q to help me out, then while I was waiting for him to get to a computer, stopped at a fast food place for a drink and the bathroom. Low and behold, there was a valknut on the toilet paper dispenser. Yes, that's the logo for SCA, but the timing was perfect.Last night I had a very weird dream of mixed up Celtic myth, Qabala, Thorn's Cd, and Norse cosmology.

I was in a pagent-like ritual and was looking at my script. I was the Norns and my names were Ivo, Oz, and Macha. Ooo boy. Weirdness. (pun intended). I was advising the king of his path and how to use his power in congruence with the land. Then I was laying out bibles in the glif of the Tree of Life and had parables, excerpts and riddles from each of them that in order to travel up the path you had to answer the riddle while standing on the bible. Yod comes to mind here. I was sitting there, knowing the riddles and tasks I was crafting needed to be intricate and well thought out. I knew I could do this but that it would take time, effort, faith and care. I was excited for my own task. These riddles I was preparing for a friend of mine whom I knew would enjoy the journey.

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