Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last year, I was sort of befuddled and didn't make any resolutions. I did later on in the year put it out to the universe that I wanted a couple of things.

1. In July I promised myself to get over my fears of being dominate and switch roles in a scene. I did and it was easy and successful.

2. In September, I decided that I was in the market for a girlfriend. Check!

This year, I've decided what a good resolution would be. A real accounting of my ritual and spiritual practice. I combined everything in a binder this year which I fill file after Yule. This year, I want to make more notes of every ritual and important dreams and add pictures of altars and special events to it. It will be a scrap-booked BOS of sorts. I bought the scrapbook itself over a year ago. Time to start using it, religiously (smirk)

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