Sunday, December 21, 2008

I've decided that I'm going to call my home the Northlands. We got 7 inches of snow Friday, then a little Sunday morning. Driving home from Seelie court Sunday, we went through a lot of beautiful, but treacherous ice.Yule was fabulous. I had more energy than normal and the keening felt like an estatic, orgasmic, birthing. It didn't hurt, but I did release. Yesterday Q and I led the NJPF (NJ pagan Fellowship)'s Yule at our house. It was a nice ritual and heartfelt too. The fresh greenery smelled and looked wonderful. I'm finally in the Xmas spirit. I gave Q. his Yule gift and it took him a little while to realize which book I gave him, The well and the Tree to add to our special book collection. He was so excited he tried to read it before falling asleep last night. I crashed after ritual though. I was exhausted, cold, and a bit raw. I was even confused. Today, I feel like an empty husk.

I guess that's okay if I feel like I've birthed something into the world. Moving forward I guess its a matter of seeing what things will enter into this new space. I hold my light close to me, away from the wind. I turn 27 tomorrow. There is so much that will happen next year:Start teaching workshops for the ASWlead a qabalah study for the Fellowshipaspect a sphere for the Walking the Tree weekendfinish my 2nd degree work and hopefully be initiatedleave GWS officially and join CotLS.gain a ACSR designation at workand who knows what else! Blessed Yule everyone!

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