Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last night I aspected right before going to bed. Maybe I should have eaten something afterwards.This morning before I woke up I was dreaming of teaching qabalah. I was discussing an aspect of manifestion as we go down through the paths. I was looking at a glowing image of the tree made out of copper and iron and tin. Someone said something as they were not understanding which angle I was approaching the topic. I reminded them "remember what Mimir said, 'the order of the universe is structured only in this order'". I woke up suddenly thinking who the hell is Mimir? I looked it up. Beheaded god, kept by Odin to tell of the mysteries. In old English, Mimir means "The rememberer, the wise one". Q. chided me for mixing qabalah with Norse lore. I kinda feel like its different ways of looking at the same world tree.Still an exciting way to start the day!so, in honor of that idea, I will sing Great Mystery all day long.As Above So BelowSpirit And MatterIn A Dance So SlowAs Within So WithoutGreat MysteryThat Spirals In And OutSecret Glory, Hidden By NothingThrice Blessed, Thrice Called,Thrice Revealed By Ivo Domínguez, Jr.

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