Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letting Go...

From my very first moments at birth I struggled for each breath.  I wanted to live with a burning desirous will that no one could ignore.  I would say that the first 15 years of my life were about the struggle to engage.  I had to engage my mind, engage the world around me and learn how to survive.  The next 15 years were about starting to connect with people; through words, touch, breath, and passion. 

Wheels within wheels

The last 2 years have been about releasing my death grip, releasing the external qualifiers, releasing my presuppositions on success.  Now I stand under the light of the Sun, gathering the courage to look up and no longer bow my head.  If I am able to let go what is needed, I will let go of my ego for the search for the union with the Divine.  When the light becomes blinding, then I will reach out into the blind darkness in faith and finally find, that letting go is flying.

The first cycle was one of worldly negotiation with people, meetings, trials, and the building of community.

The second cycle was an underworld journey of death, release, and reformation.  Once the bottom was finally reached, only then, could the next stage start.

The third stage is one of surrender and sacrifice.  It is a seemingly timeless journey outside the cycles of time and season.  Only along the path of the Mystic can the next door be opened.  This door is set hidden in the sky and can only be reached without your feet on solid ground.  This door is hidden within blinding light, which is the central heart of darkness.  My Lower Self gave me the key many years ago.  I give the key to my Higher Self, to turn it in the keyhole, and let God Herself open the door.

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