Monday, March 4, 2013

Exalting the Gods

At Imbolc I received a message from Brigid that said “movement” and “exalted one”.  I found this to be a reminder of a building message I have been getting for 2 years now that is saying, that I am a priestess of the Pagan Gods in today’s world.  Through my actions and my words, I help further their work in the world.  This is the rebuilding of the temples of the Pagan Gods in the modern world. 

 Fault lines have shifted in my life over the past winter.  There have been avalanches and volcanoes and a total transformation of the landscape.  My husband and I are rebuilding our home; we have moved into a bigger house that includes a temple space, we are redefining boundaries for our family and home and how we do business as a family.  We are redefining roles with each other, both personal and in our official capacity as High Priestess and Priest in our coven. 

 I have been given more urgings to start working on building a following for Columbia, the Goddess of America.  This is be one of my ongoing works and projects and I will announce more about those plans as they are formed and come into fruition. 

I will continue to over devotional rituals to the Goddesses publically.  We need public ritual and direct interaction with Godforms so that we can have those sorely needed interactions that can guides be catalysts for such awesome transformation in our lives. 

I had the great experience of attending Pantheacon this year as well.  What an amazing event!  I got to meet a lot of people both ones that I have interacted with through friends and online as well as icons of the modern Pagan movement as well.  I also got to teach my Tarot Trump Priestesses – Five Fold Kiss class.  I am excited to be sharing this neat tool with people and am looking forward to teaching it again at Sacred Space in Laurel MD this weekend.  I will also be offering my Brigid’s Lustral Fire ritual as well so that will be a rewarding interaction with deity as well. 

Speaking the words of the Goddesses is not a glib statement.  It means several things.   First of all, the utterances of our mouths carry power—the power to create and the power to destroy.  The idea that words have power is an old one, and also implies that within us is the power to change the world.  This power is not just our privilege, but our birthright, our duty, and our legacy. 

Today I took the exalting the Gods a bit further.  Through acting as their priestess, I do their work to change the world as well.  By making my work and my actions a sacred act, I am worshiping them.  It may not be through prayers at an altar, but can be through movement, one step at a time.  It can be through building gateways for their worship.  It can be through building their temples, one brick at a time.  Their temples must be built through technique, words, the sharing of practices and messages with one another, as well as actual statues and places of worship.  Those places can be a public circle, a ritual at a shop or festival, or permanent temple spaces. 

The Gods move in mysterious ways.  I want to be in that way and on that path to take advantage of the updraft of mystery, moving in the world.  At Mabon, my message was to be a sky arrow.  Through words, we set the intention, our aim at the target, through will and desire, we draw the bow, and finally, through the mystery of the Gods themselves, we are carried to the heavens.  I tend my own temple that my feathers guide me as an arrow, with a true path, of service to the Gods, and to my own God self, that our wills be served.  There is much work to do.

Carry on.

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