Monday, April 30, 2012

The Signposts to Growth and Wisdom

My former High Priestess introduced me to the tongue-in-cheek phrase –Oh joy,” another f-ing growth opportunity!” (AFGO) It is well known that Wicca is a path of accelerated growth and evolution. One faces the depth of his or her naked soul and learns, in the spirit of the epithet of the Temple of Delphi, to “know thyself” in this process. Some of the benefits of coven work are that one has a lot of support, and mirroring during this arduous and grueling growth process. Over the course of personal work, however, one gains better fluidity of the parts of themselves and therefore also is able to uncover hidden power that prior was inaccessible. The best covens create an environment where truth, support, the team spirit, and accountability balance as the members share their experience within a shared context of the group.

Does this process happen during the moments of crisis or the fluxes we call “the dark night of the soul?” Yes and no. This process has critical moments, as well and regular cyclical fluxes. The growth happens both at moments like personal “ah-ha” moments as well as challenges and trials, aka the dreaded growth moment. Growth is able to occur not from the accelerated, intense outpouring of energy at focused times, but from the structure and background of the commitment to daily practice. Meditation, prayer, study, energy work practicing, personal ritual, etc. and those things that make up what build the magickal practitioner’s power and competency. It isn’t reading or attending powerful rituals, it’s the daily work of personal work and commitment to the little things. Those little things build in big ways over time.

Exactly when it’s not “fun,” When you don’t feel like it, when you feel alone, those are the exact moments where opportunity awaits you to seize the day and learn about yourself, life, and the grand order of the Universe in all of her mysteries. When the going gets rough…, you’re growing. I could recite a million clichés here, but I think I’ve illustrated my point. Wisdom awaits you at the end of a long journey of embodied knowledge and ability. It is called the craft of the Wise after all!

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