Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Crow Answers

So I’ve been reading a lot about letting go, surrendering to your inner guide, to your Higher Power, Higher Self, Holy Spirit (whatever you want to call it).  It’s the core of my work and has been for years now.  That’s why the name of my blog is Letting Go is Flying!  Last night in yoga class we set our intention of what we wanted to transform, transmute even during the class.  How did we want to rewire our brains through the movements of class so that we think differently when we leave?  This was great.  It was a spell, NLP, a ritual—right up my alley!  My intention was to let go, to let go of the tension, let go of the worry and the stress.  So I set my intention, and breathed power into the aum that joined with the auming from everyone in class.  Then I got to work, sweated, groaned, panted, and struggled through the asanas. 

 At the end of class I was wiped.  The teacher reminded us of our intention about changing our selves.  She asked us to leave whatever we wanted to leave behind in the puddle of sweat on the mat.  I deflated into the corpse pose, happy to let my breathing calm.  I had found the tension in my head, neck and back had lifted.  I stretched my arms out, letting my shoulders relax.  I opened my chest and silently prayed to my Higher Self, “I surrender.  You take over from here.”  At that moment, a murder of crows descended upon the silent yoga studio, cawing louder and louder.  I smiled, acknowledging that I had been heard.  They crows quieted and we lay in silence for the rest of the class.

The Lady Morrigan heard me alright.  She was waiting for me to give into the depth of practice she is requiring from me.  A month ago she told me the work had just begun.  I am no longer afraid of the work.  I have gone into the Dao.  The Dao means “the way”.  In martial arts it is said that we practiced the dao, meaning the practice itself is a way of life.  You are not practicing for something, but the practice is what you do, because this is how you live.  Yoga is the same way.  It is a practice, a way of life, a philosophy, a way.  Whether I’m in crow’s pose or not, I am practicing the way. 

 I think I need a new yoga mat.  What do you think of this one?  ;-)

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