Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We are all Messengers from the Gods

1.  I am doing a lot of work right now with the thoughtforms and protectors of this country.  Liberty, Justice, and mores specifically, Columbia.  This is a great personification of the first 2, and I had to share.  Yay for the Justice System doing it's duty!

2.  People come into our lives--the right ones at the right time.  I have a new friend at work, and she is spiritual and very faithful.  She's also an artist.  She came up to me and in the way she wanted to relay a few stories to me, it gave me a new perspective on some things I've been struggling with.  She was the outside verification, that was unasked for.  She said her piece about something she feels very strongly about, something I used to feel very strongly about.  Her passion reminded me and I feel much clearer with the steps to move forward for myself now too.

She was a messenger from the Goddess.  She had just the right thing to say that I needed to hear.  Furthermore, she is the replacement to my other work friend months ago.  I cried when I found out that friend had been let go, and yet, this new friend will lead to a much deeper friend, and we will help each other on our paths.

3.  No matter what situation you find yourself in, deciding what to do is so much more important than fear and shame.  The little bubbles we live in that we call "normal" are just a facade.  Under that we are all trying to survive this live as part of the cycle and part of nature.  Everything is impermanent and the more we hold onto what we think will not change, the more pain we will experience.  We are so blinded by our patterns and cultural perspectives.  Anything we can do to open to the wild variety of life will make us more human.

Blessed be.

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