Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You Can Never Truly Know Someone

A few months ago my dad mentioned to me that you never know someone.  We were going to Porgy and Bess on Broadway and my mother was thrilled because she had all the songs memorized from the LP she had in high school, but had never seen the play.  It was her 65th birthday and she was so happy to finally see it.  Even after 35 years of being with her, my father never knew she cared so much about that particular play.  In fact, he hadn’t known how important or integral a part of my mother’s childhood musicals were.  Yet, he was the one that took her to her first Broadway show.  “See?” he says, “It just goes to show, all these years and there is always still more to learn about someone.” 

We navigate through our lives in solitary forms of flesh, bone, and blood.  Love brings us together, unites us, and gives us momentary opportunities to reach closer to the All.  Every moment we have the opportunity to reach out and touch the minds and hearts of others, joining solitary universes with each encounter.  Only through remembering who we are as a species and as communities and societies can we find evolution. 

I was floored to find out that in the past few days, as Northern NJ has started to get power service, stop lights, gas, and grocery stores back up and running, that people are driving much more aggressively than normal and are very angry.  In this of all times, why aren’t they reaching out to help people and have greater patience and care in a stressful, tiring situation?  On the other hand, many have reached out in support, offering real help in real ways. 

Like in ritual, where all actions gain greater meaning and have greater outcomes, at times of great stress, our actions and fortitude make a greater impact in the world.  We live in interesting times.  Who are you reaching out to?  How are you making a difference?  This is in a fact a test of your metal.  I hope mine will prove to be the strength of iron balanced with steadfastness of tin; striving for a heart of gold. 

Blessed be.

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