Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beyond the Fluff

I have a new article up on witchvox.


  1. Totally enjoyed your post this morning and agree with it...thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I am very quiet about what "religion" I follow for fear of being laughed can anyone possibly believe they can be taken seriously when there are others out there that act like clowns and give us all a bad name. In any situation I hate being painted with the same brush as all others...I am me, I'm not someone else, I don't believe exactly like anyone else, I don't look or act like anyone else. And I guess the reason we all get painted the same is because the "clowns" have a loud voice and are noticed, and want to be noticed. anyway...thank you for your great post. Please stay safe in this awful weather...we here in VA went through it yesterday and today it's the most glorious morning! Stay safe and dry. Blessings always.

  2. Wow, what a great article. I found it on my pc's main page link to WV, and really enjoyed reading it. I feel the same way. I was talking to my fiance last year, about how I cant be the only person who feels pagan, but is embarrassed to hang out with them. By "them," I mean the ones like you mentioned. It seems like the only reps to the religion/movement/magick I ever see, are old overweight hippies, weirdo kids who dont fit in anywhere else and Halloween costume wannabes. I dont see everyday Christians walking around in dresses printed with crosses all over, and crowns of thorns to scream out to the world, what they are. I know there are some nutty people in every religion, but its all I ever find in paganism. I have only met others like me through blogging or friends. Im a normal-ish regular mom, who wants to be taken seriously, too. I cant even get the nerve to tell anybody my choice, because of all the fluffy crap that goes along with it in peoples minds. :(

  3. Your link on the Witches Voice has too many t's but I found you anyway!! :)

    Anyway, I agree. Too much fluff gives pagans a bad name..

    I really like the Pagan Pride Days who helps educate the community about such.

    I like pagan events, I go to Heartland Pagan Festival every year. It's magnificent. There's a little bit of everything, from classes, to fun, to partyin, to serious full rituals. (and Merchants!!!)

    Smaller groups will have their own rules. People need to experience and be allowed to check out local groups before deciding to join. Another reason PPD's are great, because local groups generally are there and talk to folks who are interested.

    Good groups will bring you in and let you check things out. If they don't let you in as an observer or on a trial basis, they are not a good group.

    I'm not sure where you all are located, but normal pagans do exist. I know teachers, lawyers, psychologists, and I, myself, am a computer programmer. We're about as normal as can be.

    We're out there. ;)

    *huggles* and Blessings

  4. Really enjoyed your article on WitchVox; that whole idea of "no really; we're not all weirdos" is why my good friend GG and I created The Pagan Princesses website as a place for us "normal" Pagans to hang out! Thanks for speaking out for those of us who are both serious Pagans and mainstream folk - and proud of it!

  5. Thank you for the article. I thought I was the only person who felt that way.