Monday, March 8, 2010

Wholistic Knowing

One of the things that really made sense to me from the start in my study of witchcraft was the idea that we have to learn things not just in our heads, but in our hearts, souls, and bodies as well. I enjoyed the concept that wisdom is not just information, but can be an intuitive knowledge that lives within.

My understanding of this concept deepened this weekend. The Northern NJ Pagan Fellowship, a networking, social, and magickal community I am a part of hosted an Astrology Intensive this weekend taught by Ivo Domiguez Jr. and Michael Smith. At the end of the weekend we did a ritual called Ladder of the Planets that helps you get to know the Elder planets from an energetic and intuitive way which contrasted nicely to the cognitive focus of the rest of the weekend. I had participated in this ritual last spring when it was hosted as part of an Astrology for Magick workshop. I did a lot of intensive Qabala study and ritual last year. I felt that I was able to tap into the Sephira in a way that I had not been able too before and have them more balanced within me. In fact, when I walked the Tree of Life in the Climbing the Tree ritual, I found the experience ecstatic and transformative. It had been 6 years since the first time I had done that ritual and it was like a whole new world of experience. I felt the glif of the tree of life click into my person, comfortably and then, gave the whole study a bit of a break for a few months as I needed to let it sit.

In the ladder of the Planets ritual though, I found that glif within me reawaken. It was alive, moving, affecting my energetic and physical layers. This time, when I saw each planetary temple as we climbed from Yesod to Binah, I was not only mentally and emotionally affected by each one of the flavors of the planet' energy, I found them living within me. I am almost at a loss for descriptors of this process and feeling and suspect this is the subject of another mystery. I understand what vibration each one of those energies feel like. It is not a table of correspondences, but a living energy, reactive and proactive. Sentience, ensoulment, and integration have new meanings for me now. Evocation is opening into a new realm. In order to understand a sphere I must become it and it becomes locked within me as well. It is integration and mastery, but I didn't understand those terms. Understanding is an unfolding process and an awareness within me. but... it is as if I have living keys, like animals living within me to each of the spheres. in a way that I can bring them in, make them appaer and talk to them like one might a God. Furthermore, I don't just have a "beacon" calling like to like, but it is as if a hologram they are within me. It is not something that I can claim as understanding. It is a two way street and a relationship. I know a thing and therefore it knows me as well and it is not my understanding that changes me, but the thing itself working within me. It grasps ahold of me too and it is changed. That is evolution toward the path of unity.
May Keter always shine down upon me in connection with All.

As the temple's door closes and I find myself back in the hustle and bustle of Malkuth, I give thanks. My silver sandals will carry me far through the mists of time and space. Blessed be on your Path and the adventures awaiting.

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