Tuesday, September 22, 2009

from out of nothing, comes something new.

In the past couple of months I've been going through major change. My psychic vision and awareness is expanding. My understanding of topics I have been reading about for 15 years is shifting and changing. My concept of self, other people, communication, and my emotional reactions to interpersonal dynamics are all shifting, morphing, redefining.

The other day I made a connection between the singular lifeforce of astrological signs in connection with some of the same ways one might work with an angel or archangel. When the thought occurred to me, I heard a noise like medium sized brass instruments, colors around me got wonky, and the floor felt like it was tilting out from under me. The air got heavy and static charged and I felt as if I had phased out a bit.

I integrated another idea the other day that one can tap into the energetic fields of a person through electronic media and written text. I like the idea and had been testing it for several weeks. When I finally integrated it though, reading the book I was looking at was like listening to a hologram of the person. I was also able to tap into the images in their head that inspired them to describe the situation they way they did. I was using the text as a gateway into learning directly from the author. The shift of color, sound, light, and the floor happened again. My transpersonal chakra was wide open. HOLY CRAP!

Right now I'm playing around with the idea that this experience is similar to opening a zip file and dowloading a much larger set of data from the initial click on an icon. I'm not sure why or how, but I it is very interesting.

As another aside, City Fae beings are much different from the ones that live in the country and green areas. Without contact with healthy land spirits, I'm not sure what they live off of. That's not a fun train of thought if you take it very far....

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  1. This is scary-good stuff, Maggi! We should talk.

    Concerning City Fae . . . Land spirits adapt to the predominantly human energy of cities and they can either be energized or depressed by this. The Fae are (at least in my experience) less connected to living world in cities but still have tendrils into the green spaces. Unbalanced human energy (from poverty, crime, pollution, etc.) attracts the "unseelie" and this can make those parts of our world even worse than they already are. On the good side, an informed and focused working with the major land spirits can substantially improve both the seen and unseen parts of urban areas.

    -- Mark